Ryno’s liability products are designed to provide your clients with flexible and innovative solutions that are tailored for their individual needs.

Scaffolders Liability Insurance

Ryno Underwriting will take your clients’ liability cover to new heights.

Ryno Underwriting offers liability cover for scaffolders. Building and dismantling scaffolding is a strenuous and dangerous job with workers exposed to heavy equipment and machinery. We can assist your clients whether they do commercial, industrial or residential scaffolding.

Regardless of how careful your clients are, they could still be at risk of a liability claim. Our underwriters have extensive experience in the liability insurance market and will work with you to tailor suitable cover for your clients’ specific needs. With limits of up to $20M Primary Liability, our cover is not dependent on whether your clients provide commercial, industrial or residential scaffolding. 

Ryno offers Scaffolders Liability cover to meet your clients' needs

We are able to extend cover to include sub-contractors, principal indemnities and in some circumstances, waiver of subrogation or hold harmless agreements.
Ryno offers competitive premiums, excellent policy coverage and deductibles starting from $1,000.

Sub-contractor extension

Principal indemnity

Waiver of subrogation

(in some circumstances)

Hold harmless agreements

(in some circumstances)


Our liability insurance cover has been customised for several specific industries as listed on our LIABILITY page. Should your clients’ industry not be listed, please contact us so we can assist to get the most appropriate liability insurance cover for them.

Tradies Liability
Liability cover for brickies, chippies, sparkies, etc.
Transport & Logistics Liability
Liability cover for transport and logistics businesses.
Vacant Land Liability
Liability cover for vacant land, land used to park cars, land for sale, etc.
Welders & Boilermakers Liability
Liability cover for welders and boilermakers.
Accommodation Liability
Liability cover for motels, bed & breakfasts, backpackers, student accomodations, boarding houses, etc.

Ryno Underwriting is a specialist insurance company that serves brokers and their clients.

Our underwriters have extensive experience working with brokers like you and we are dedicated to ensuring that your clients’ insurance cover is tailored to their specific needs.

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