At Ryno Underwriting, we go the extra mile to arrange appropriate cover for you and your clients.

Ryno’s Accident & Sickness Insurance

Personalised and competitive cover tailored to suit your clients' needs.

In the hustle and bustle of today’s busy lifestyle, many of us neglect looking after our physical wellbeing, taking our personal health and safety for granted. Have your clients considered what would happen if they had an accident or became severely ill? Would they be able to pay their ongoing expenses and maintain their current standard of living?

Ryno Underwriting offers a suite of Accident & Sickness products developed to assist your clients in their time of need. Accident & Sickness insurance will ensure that your client still receives a portion of their income to support themselves and their family in the event that they are unable to continue work due to a serious illness or injury. Your client could be insured for up to 85% of their income and in some cases, if the cover is taken, they are also able to insure some fixed business expenses. This can provide your client with peace of mind that they and their family will be taken care of.

Ryno offers Accident & Sickness cover designed to meet your clients' needs

We offer the following benefits and options to tailor your clients’ cover.

Cover options

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, or working hours only

Worldwide cover

Lump sum payments

For accidental death or permanent disablement


For up to 85% of income

Broken bones cover

(not available under Sports Group Personal Accident)

Non-Medicare medical expenses

For up to $1,000 or higher

Business expenses benefit

For self-employed

Modification expenses

Up to $10,000

Funeral expenses

Up to $5,000

Cover for up to
75 years of age

instalment option


Ryno Underwriting offers the following products for your clients.

Individual Personal Accident & Sickness
Ryno Underwriting offers an Individual Personal Accident & Sickness policy designed for Australian employees, the self-employed or for company directors that may not be covered under their organisations’ Workers Compensation insurance.
Group Personal Accident & Sickness
Ryno Underwriting offers a Group Personal Accident & Sickness policy tailored to your client’s organisation in the event that one of their employees becomes sick or injured.
Voluntary Workers Personal Accident
For many organisations, voluntary workers are wonderful assets to have. Ryno Underwriting offers Voluntary Workers Personal Accident insurance to provide cover for injuries that could happen to your clients’ volunteers.
Sports Group Personal Accident
Ryno Underwriting can assist in providing your clients with Sports Group Personal Accident cover, which removes some of the financial pressure for both the organisation and member involved.

Ryno Underwriting is a specialist insurance company that serves brokers and their clients.

Our underwriters have extensive experience working with brokers like you and we are dedicated to ensuring that your clients’ insurance cover is tailored to their specific needs.

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