Protect Your Client’s Business With General Liability

Almost every business has a need for General Liability insurance, so it is important for your clients to know how they’re being covered. If their policy is about to expire, why not consider Ryno Underwriting and benefit from our expertise in the industry?

With special access to the Lloyd’s market for all your client’s liability needs, Ryno offers tailored policies and years of hands-on experience that will give your client that peace of mind to focus on other aspects of their business.

Some of the risks considered include the following and more:

  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Property Owners
  • Scaffolders
  • Trades Occupations
  • Transport Operators
  • Wholesale & Warehousing

Our team of expert underwriters can assist in arranging General Liability cover for your client. Get in touch with us today!

Nathan Sommer
National Product Manager
Phone: 1300 650 670

Trisha Urquhart
Senior Underwriter
Phone: 1300 650 670

Important Updates

We are excited to announce that the future rights to the RYNO Motor portfolio have been acquired by Dawes Underwriting Australia Pty Ltd trading as Dawes Motor Insurance (ABN 18 050 289 506, AR No. 342982) (‘Dawes’) effective from 1st October 2019

Dawes is a well-established specialist motor underwriting agency. By transferring our motor portfolio’s future rights to Dawes, we believe that Dawes will continue to provide our broker network with market-leading motor insurance products.

Dawes’ motor insurance products are underwritten by Allianz Australia Insurance Limited (ABN 15 000 122 850, AFSL 234708) (‘Allianz’). Allianz is an authorised Australian insurer, regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority and one of Australia’s largest insurers.

So what does this mean?

New business
Effective from 1st October 2019, RYNO will no longer provide new business quotes for Motor.  Please refer these directly to Dawes Motor Insurance by either emailing or placing a quote through their Xccelerate system.

We will be ceasing to offer renewal terms for policies with inception dates from 1st October 2019. Dawes will offer to arrange and issue a new policy underwritten by Allianz to customers meeting Allianz’s eligibility criteria. Dawes will provide terms directly to your brokerage.

Endorsements and Cancellations
All endorsements and cancellations need to be referred to and managed by RYNO for existing clients and these will continue to be handled in a normal manner until the policy expiry date.

Please feel free to contact Debbie Jacks with any enquiries that you may have at:
Phone: 1300 650 670

As RYNO Motor moves into a new chapter, I would personally like to thank you all for your support. I know going forward, Dawes will continue to provide you with specialist motor products for your clients.

RYNO will continue to offer our specialist Liability, Property, and Accident & Sickness Products (underwritten by certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s) to our Broker network. If you have any queries on these products, please feel free to contact Nathan Sommer on 1300 650 670.

Kind regards,

Greg Rynenberg
Managing Director
East West Group of Companies

Behind the scenes of running an event

You may have clients who thrive on organising events or markets, whether it be a one-off or an annual affair. There are so many things that could go wrong behind the scenes so it’s important for them to be appropriately covered.

People at the event need to be protected, both those attending the event and those helping to run the event. Public liability insurance can help cover your client if anyone is injured while enjoying the event.

  • Is your client running a market? It’s important to check that the stall holders have their own Liability cover. Our Events and Markets Liability cover can extend to provide cover for the stall holders including their Products Liability.
  • Is your client hiring a venue for their wedding ceremony or reception? We can provide cover for venue hire and the event.
  • Is your client covered for bump in and bump out of their event? With cover options starting from 3-day cover, we can help with small one-off events.

Get in touch with us to discuss your clients’ event or market and we will tailor liability insurance cover for their specific situation. We offer limits of up to $20 million and excesses as low as $250.

Nathan Sommer
National Product Manager
p: 1300 650 670

Trisha Urquhart
Senior Underwriter
p: 1300 650 670

Protecting those who need the most, the self-employed

If you have self-employed clients, then it’ll be no surprise that they are some of the most hardworking people; getting to where they are now is no walk in the park. Amidst their great effort to build and protect their businesses, they often forget to protect the most important asset, themselves.

What happens when a self-employed client gets injured? Imagine the negative impact it will have on their business and maintaining their current lifestyle will be very difficult. On top of that, if your client has a family to support, then the negative impact will magnify!

So, despite the benefits of being self-employed, there are also many risks. Therefore, risk protection is essential for your self-employed clients. Help your client protect themselves. Ryno Insurance offers Personal Accident & Sickness policy, which has been designed for self-employed Australians.

Some of the many benefits that will be available under this policy are:

  • Cover for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or Working Hours Only cover
  • Age acceptance of up to 75 years
  • Compensation for up to 85% of your insured’s income
  • Worldwide Cover
  • Lump-sum payments for Death or Permanent Total Disablement
  • Broken Bones cover available
  • Optional Additional Benefits: Business Expenses Benefit
  • Monthly Instalments available