Check-in for Ryno liability

Did you know that Ryno can write Liability Insurance for country pubs? Why not give us a try?​

Limits and Covers Available

  • Public and Products Liability including Property Owners
  • Policy Limit up to $20,000,000
  • Care Custody and Control Extension Limit $50,000
  • Inn-Keepers Liability Extension Limit $50,000
  • Excess $2,500 each and every loss

Who We Cover

  • Rural or Country Hotels/Pubs/Taverns
  • Bottle Shops attached to Hotels/Pubs/Taverns
  • Solo & Duo Entertainment is acceptable
  • Onsite Accommodation is acceptable

Who We Don’t Cover

  • CBD based Hotels/Pubs/Taverns
  • Nightclubs & Bars
  • Queensland based risks

For your convenience, we have a reliable quoting system you can use to obtain a quick and easy quote within 5 minutes.

Have some questions and want more information? Simply get in touch with the team who’ll be able to help with your enquiry:

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National Product Manager
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Senior Underwriter
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